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Entry #5

Ah The Summer Air

2010-05-24 11:34:46 by Balderdashington

It is summer and that means all the collab goers are getting out of school and joining up with as many collabs as they can. Some do it for a high batting average, some to refreash thier flash skills, and others do it just because it's fun.

I predict that there are going to be many great flash collabs coming out in the near future. And I just hope that those collabs that suck get drug down into the bowls of Hell itself.


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2010-05-24 20:18:52

I too, am using collabs as a way to refresh my Flash skills for the summer. Some of them are also quite fun and exciting, like the 5 Hour Collabs, where you aren't constantly waiting for the collab's silent death. My collab is getting ready for a silent death after so long. But I'm determined to make a successful one someday. Perhaps even this summer. I've written down a few collab ideas that would be great for people to join.

With all the time in the world during Summer, it's a great way to get some great solo projects up and running. As well as immersing yourself in extra-curricular activities. I hope to learn a little Actionscript so that I may program Flash games in the future as well as make movies.

And if that's not enough, I really need a break from school. I have two weeks left. :D